About me

Swechha is a certified Tao Hands Practitioner from Tao Academy, Canada and a Reiki Master from Usui School of Reiki. She is a strong believer in Spirituality and her journey to serve others started after she witnessed miracles happening in her own life. She is a very compassionate person and she lives to make others happier and healthier. She is a good listener and her heart is full of love for others, she has the ability to bring out the best in you and help you overcome challenges within you.


🔸 Tao hands Blessings

Blessings can be offered to you for your health, relationship, finances, business office, home, and many other aspects of your life. A spiritual check and one to one guidance is provided

There is a spiritual solution to every challenge that exists🌸

The purpose of life is to serve others 🌺

🔸 Consultation

A one-hour consultation is provided to those looking to deal with specific aspects of their life. As a gift, a free blessing is given as a part of this consultation. Personalised and customised consultation program for a specific duration (Day/Weeks/Months) are also conducted to enable you and make you capable to deal with any aspect of your life.

To severe is to make others happier and healthier 🌼

To serve is to chant and to meditate 🌹

🔸 Reiki

One to one reiki sessions can be conducted along with giving absent reiki, Lost & Found Reiki, Situation Reiki, to you, your loved ones, friends and relatives. Reiki can also be given to specific aspects for your health, finances, relationships , to your room / house/ business office and many other aspects of your life.

I have the power to heal my self, you have the power to heal yourself .. together we have the power to heal the universe !!! 🌿

I love my heart any soul, I love all humnaity, join hearts and soul together.. Love Peace and Harmony, Love Peace and Harmony 🌻